UPDATE: Progress from the Ending Rural Hunger Project

The World isn't meeting it's goals to end hunger by 2030...here's an update about where we are at:

When will things change? Looking for signs of progress on ending rural hunger

A 2017 update of where the world stands on the path toward ending rural hunger by 2030.


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Train-the-Trainer 2017

This week-long session consists of walking dedicated individuals through a business curriculum created by Partners Worldwide, covering topics such as: Christian worldview, accounting, marketing, value-chain analysis and other principles essential for successful entrepreneurs. The materials and training are in Haitian Creole.

Why:  Have an in-house trainer for your organization (ask for details on how to become a certified trainer; there is an extra cost. Train outside your organization)

Who is eligible for training:

  • Candidate has a management degree from a recognized university or has managed a business or organization
  • Candidate is willing to replicate the training
  • Must be willing to become an implementing partner with the 100K Jobs in Haiti Initiative, reporting job creation numbers

Get a Spiritual Wake-Up Call at Work


The Six Work Categories Included in WorkLife Caffeinated

Each of these categories below contain five different WorkLife Growth Opportunities focused on that subject.  Each weekly installment of WorkLife Caffeinated will include on WorkLife Growth Opportunity and an e-book guide for a total of 30 weeks.  These will help you integrate the principles and promises of scripture into you work life.


  • Understanding God's original purpose for work in order to liver your whole life with greater clarity.  Genesis 2 20:8-11.


  • Affirming your unique design and how God has strategically placed you at work to fulfill His plan.  Ephesians 2:10, Psalm 139


  • Understanding the unique role of work that allows you to pursue biblical priorities and life balance.  Colossians 3:17-4:1


  • Gaining the ability to please God and serve others through the development and excellence of your work skills.  Proverbs 22:29, I Corinthians 10:31


  • Developing personal character in order to better experience effective faith conversations and grow your Kingdom influence.  Titus 2:9-10, Matt 5:16


  • Effectively navigating work issues and developing healthy work relationships.  Hebrew 3:13, James 2:15-17

WORKLIFE Caffinated - 30 week Personal Growth Experience

WorkLife Caffeinated - 30 week personal growth experience Wake Up! That's exactly what this tool will help you do-spiritually wake up. Each Caffeinated weekly segment is delivered to you via email & PDF. Reinforce your spiritual growth by taking the private mini assessment that scores how well you'd cope with that particular challenge at work.

The 7 Effective Roles of A Modern CEO

Free Resource for Chief Executives, Business Owners, Presidents, and Partners

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As Christian business leaders, we all understand the importance of being good stewards of God’s resources, including our companies. Yet amidst the pressure of daily meetings, reviewing reports, and interacting with staff, sometimes it’s hard to keep a pulse on the big-picture. Successful stewardship requires looking ahead, for we know that one day, we will be called to give an account.

We invite you to download our free resource highlighting seven actions and responsibilities that define a successful Christian CEO. How many are you embodying in your role?  Click Here to get free download.

A Call for Courageous Leadership: Responding to the Refugee Crisis

by Arleen Westerhof

A recent study about citizen's concerns in the EU showed that while those in the Mediterranean countries were primarily worried about unemployment, those in the economically stronger nations were more worried about the effects of debt. 1 The one thing however that unites us all is our concern about the refugee crisis and our inability to tackle it at a European level.

How Strategic Grain Storage is helping Zambia conquer Food Security

Strategic Grain Storage - Agri Business Zambia

"Strategic Grain Storage" is a concept being discussed more and more. Particularly by governments who wish to provide sufficient reserve grain storage to be able to feed their nation in the event of reduced grain supplies, possibly due to natural factors such as drought, floods, pests, etc., but also because of economic factors such as rising world grain prices, importation costs, war, etc.

Introducing...Affirm Global Solar-Powered Home Light System

This product is designed to provide light and cell-phone charging capabilities in areas where there is no reliable electrical grid.  Currently, over 568 million people in Africa, India and other places are without power.  Oftentimes reliant upon kerosene or other fossil fuels for light, they are unnecessarily exposed to health risks from the emissions of burning those fuels in the confined space of their homes.

The Affirm Global home solar system consists of three 12V 2W LED lights that will provide ample light for any room to be able to perform daily tasks, entertain guests, and enjoy the home.  It also includes a large 10W monocrystalline solar panel that provides over 9 hours of light and can charge any cell phone almost as if plugged into a wall socket.

Until large investment in energy infrastructure can be made in many of these isolated areas, this system is the perfect answer to a families needs.  It can give them reliable light and power to keep their cell phones charged to communicate.

Click Here for more information!

Calls for Action to Deepening Crisis of Malnutrition

Unhealthy Foods now pose a threat to Urban dwellers

African Development Bank President Akinwumi Adesina has called for urgent action from stakeholders over the deepening crisis of global malnutrition. Adesina made the call as he joined key nutrition actors, private-sector representatives, policy-makers and thought leaders at the 2017 World Food Prize-Borlaug Dialogue Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa, on Wednesday, October 18, to push for mutual accountability on leadership, governance and investments for nutrition.