Introducing...Affirm Global Solar-Powered Home Light System

This product is designed to provide light and cell-phone charging capabilities in areas where there is no reliable electrical grid.  Currently, over 568 million people in Africa, India and other places are without power.  Oftentimes reliant upon kerosene or other fossil fuels for light, they are unnecessarily exposed to health risks from the emissions of burning those fuels in the confined space of their homes.

The Affirm Global home solar system consists of three 12V 2W LED lights that will provide ample light for any room to be able to perform daily tasks, entertain guests, and enjoy the home.  It also includes a large 10W monocrystalline solar panel that provides over 9 hours of light and can charge any cell phone almost as if plugged into a wall socket.

Until large investment in energy infrastructure can be made in many of these isolated areas, this system is the perfect answer to a families needs.  It can give them reliable light and power to keep their cell phones charged to communicate.

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