Understand the Way of Kings and Priests

From:  Building A Kingdom Company

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God is calling us to be TRANSFORMERS OF SOCIETY through our collective influence. Jesus prayed that His Church would be unified in order for the world to respond to Him (John 17:23).

We are a COMMUNITY of INSPIRED LEADERS helping Christians build GREAT companies that GLORIFY and ADVANCE the KINGDOM of God

Today’s newsletter illustrates an important TRUTH about our IDENTITY that will help you on your BKC JOURNEY: Understanding Your Full Role as Priest and King.

The Bible describes two distinct roles in the Old Testament – kings and priests. Kings were the rulers; Priests were the religious leaders. The New Testament reveals we are both kings and priests because of the redemptive work of Christ (Rev. 1: 5-6 and 5:10). Today, kings are most often represented by business and political leaders, while pastors represent the priestly roles. 

God calls each of us to fulfill both roles in our lives today. However, our vocational roles often create a division that is misunderstood by both workplace believers and pastors. These misunderstandings have led to a weakened BODY and less effective CHURCH.