Energy Security

Central America Takes an "All of the Above" Approach to Energy

The Way Forward for Renewable Energy in Central America | Worldwatch Institute

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Geothermal Energy is a reliable Electric Grid to Central America

Geothermal - a Key Source of Clean Energy in Central America

Energy from the depths of the earth - geothermal - is destined to fuel renewable power generation in Central America, a region with great potential in this field. "Volcanoes have always been a menace to humanity but now in El Salvador they are a resource to generate clean, renewable and cheap energy.

Today, as many as 1.1 Billion people live without electricity

How Solar Lanterns Are Giving Power to the People

Story by Michael Edison Hayden Photographs by Rubén Salgado Escudero Published October 15, 2015 Prashant Mandal flips on a candy-bar-size LED light in the hut he shares with his wife and four children. Instantly hues of canary yellow and ocean blue-reflecting off the plastic tarps that serve as the family's roof and walls-fill the cramped space where they sleep.