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Introducing the New Affirm Solar Lighting System!

Emergencies, Camping or on the Patio....

After the disasters of this past year, this system is a perfect fit for all homes.  When the power goes out, be assured that this system will provide plenty of light and allow you to charge your phone. 

On a camping trip where the isn't access to power, this system can provide light at night and cell phone juice in the day.

With a state of the art solar panel, high capacity batteries and long,lasting bulbs this systems is the one that your family needs...just in case.

Buy now and rest easy know that you family is just a click away from having the lights back on!

Solar Lighting System includes

  • 10W Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • 3 2W LED Lights with Switches
  • Light cable length of 9.5 meters
  • USB Cell Phone charging port
  • Advanced Batteries for up to 9 hours of light.

A Call for Courageous Leadership: Responding to the Refugee Crisis

by Arleen Westerhof

A recent study about citizen's concerns in the EU showed that while those in the Mediterranean countries were primarily worried about unemployment, those in the economically stronger nations were more worried about the effects of debt. 1 The one thing however that unites us all is our concern about the refugee crisis and our inability to tackle it at a European level.

Creating Agricultural Business Opportunities will Strength Food Security in West Africa

Improving Food Security in West Africa

Improving Food Security in West Africa: Removing Obstacles to Regional Trade Markets

WASHINGTON, July 28, 2015 - A new commitment to regional trade in the region is needed to accelerate agricultural production, boost growth and ensure adequate food for more people, according to a new World Bank report.