AdvanceGrow™  &  Ezy Seed

Growing Healthy Crops Just Got Easier!!


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*AdvanceGrow™ is Registered as EzySeed™ in Kenya.
*AdvanceGrowc & Ezy Seed™ are the same

AdvanceGrow™ & Ezy Seed™ are trichoderma-based seed treatments that contain patent-pending strains, which are combined with a 80/20 talc blend.*  When applied to seeds, this innovative crop technology helps the plants produce much larger root system, develop resistance to plant stresses such as disease and drought, and increases nutrient uptake so that the plants will better utilize the nutrients readily available to create potential for a better crop.  AdvanceGrow™ & Ezy Seed™ have been tested throughout the world with many different soil types and hybrids of seeds with great success.  

How Does it Work?

AdvanceGrow™ & Ezy Seed™ colonizes the root system and helps to improve nutrient availability by increasing beneficial micro-organisms in the soil.  The micro-organisms directly provide nutrients to crops through beneficial associations between plant roots and fungi or indirectly by breaking down organic material and, in the process releasing excess nutrients into the soil.



Fast, Easy Application

Only one application needed!  With all sizes of Farmers in mind, we offer our product in the three solutions - 15, 30, and 100 gram pouches.  Depending on the type of crop the amount of AdvanceGrow™/Ezy Seed™ will vary.  See this application rate table to determine usage rates for specific crops:

Application Rate Table for AdvanceGrow™/EzySeed™

Just thoroughly mix together with seeds and then immediately plant into the ground.  It's that Easy!!


 Real Results

In real-world field tests in varying conditions with different crops, AdvanceGrow™/Ezy Seed™ has proven to increase crop yields and protect the crop from disease and drought.  This is a simple, convenient and inexpensive agriculture input that will help immediately impact the rural farmers's ability to support their families.  The different sized solutions can appeal either the small-holder farmer or the large-scale farming operation.


Distribution Opportunities:

AGD will offer a range of services to our Master Distributors, including:

  • Initial testing and registration support
  • Technical support, demo strategies, marketing support
  • Closed value chain integration
  • Capacity building

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