Energy Everyone Can Afford


From solar lighting to efficient stoves, Affirm Global Development provides products that can improve the health, economics and environment for families at the base of the pyramid. In many parts of the world, families living in poverty do not have access to clean water, clean-burning fuels or many of the other basics that we all take for granted here in the developed world.

Simple, inexpensive goods that reduce the burden on families can have massive impacts on a household's ability to cope and eventually thrive.

Solar Lights allow people inexpensively light their homes and provides an alternative options to using kerosene lamps. Decreasing the harmful effects of the fuel and providing a healthy alternative.


Drop it, stomp it, or splash it. From water-sealed, nearly unbreakable polycarbonate shell, to dust cover-protected charging ports, to industrial-grade aluminum-framed solar panel and durable steel stand, Sun King™ products are built to last in tough environments. Their long-lasting, quality-tested components set the gold standard for product lifetime


Sun King Pro Lights can provide up to 15X brighter light than a kerosene lamp. Household activities are conducted without a strain. People can work longer and are more productive increasing their earning.


Sun King lights use a revolutionary Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery. Efficient, stable, and ultra-long-lasting, LFP is far superior to enen lithium-ion batteries and delivers a five-year expected life. Also, smart battery management technology automatically switches out of high power modes when battery is running low, giving users five additional hours of low power light.