Rocket Stoves


EzyChar Premium Charcoal Cookstove

Constructed with Top-of-the-Line Materials.

  • The Ezychar isn't just a cost-effective performer, it's a design with a high consumer appeal that is sturdy and beautiful.  Using the best construction materials available and chrome accents that complement cooking and performance and experience.

Saves time and money

  • EzyChar has a great thermal performance for the price with a tested thermal efficiency of 33%.  Along with efficiency, EzyChar actually cooks 28% faster than typical stoves while using40% less fuel. 

Creates healthier environment

  • Lower respiratory disease causes four million deaths per year in the developing world.  EzyChar has a significant emission reduction performance, reducing the number once cause worldwide of LRD.


EzyStove Wood Burning Stove

Award Winning Design

  • The EzyStove is an award winning design by VeryDay, a Swedish firm that developed a sturdy, reliable stove that is easy to put together  It come in three colors: Black, Blue and Red.

Low Price, Amazing Performance

  • Tested thermal efficiency of 27% that provides users with about a 40% fuel savings from traditional open fire cooking.

Environmental IMpact

  • EzyStove reduces emissions up to 70% compared to open fires.  The  reduced particle emissions significantly reduces exposure to Lower Respiratory Disease for users.

Solar Lights


Sun King Pro 2


  • Drop it, stomp it, or splash it.  SK Pro 2 is built to last in tough environments.  It is constructed with a nearly unbreakable polycarbonate shell, it has dust cover-protected charging ports, industrial-grade aluminum-framed solar panel and a durable steel stand.

Brighter Light

  • Up to 15x brighter than kerosene lamps.  Children enjoy studying under their bright dazzling light. Household activities are conducted without strain.  People can work longer and are more productive.

Long battery life

  • Using a revolutionary Lithium Ferro-Phosphate battery (LFP).  Efficient, stable, and ultra-long-lasting, LFP is far superior that lithium-ion batteries and delivers a five-year expected life. Also, smart battery management technology automatically switches out of high power modes when battery is running low giving users additional hours of low power light.

Solar panel design

  • An aluminum-framed, industrial-grade glass protected solar panel is far more durable than alternatives based on polycarbonate or epoxy encapsulation, both of which degrade quickly in harsh environments.

Affirm Global Home Solar-Powered System


Long Lasting Light

  • When fully charged, SHS has enough power to produce light for nights
  • System includes three 160 lumen white LED lights with integrated switches.

Power from the Sun

  • 10 Watt Monocrystalline solar panel.
  • One USB (5V/1.5A) and cell phone charging adapter.

Saves Money

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery saves money no battery fuel is necessary to provide light.

Perfect for Any Home

  • Over 29.5 foot of Lamp cable allows you to spread lights across most rooms.
  • System includes a battery-level indicator and is sturdy enough to hold up to nightly usage.